Performing the other night for 1800 people. Reblog from @luciuslax (at Jing-Jing Auditorium)

Aww.. Shanghai is crying to see us leave.. -with @luciuslax (at 上海交通大学 老图书馆)

Views of Shanghai from 100 storeys up. (at 100th Floor Observatory, Shanghai)

In the light of the moon, all I think of is you @ldspaige (at 上海交通大学草原)

French Concession, Shanghai (at 新天地 Xintiandi)

Why yes, I am standing on a plate of glass 100 stories above the ground. Why yes, I am terrified.. (at Shanghai)

She was so happy to get a photo with us! We did three and all signed them! (at 菁菁堂 | Jing-Jing Auditorium)

Guess who bought a new guitar? (at Shanghai)

Looks like instagram finally works here! (at Shanghai)